The Hypermobile Universe – Hypermobility Course


This extensive hypermobility course explores the world of hypermobility and heritable connective tissue disorders. Carefully crafted to elevate both your knowledge and practical skills, this course empowers you to make a meaningful impact on your client’s well-being. With the purchase of this online hypermobility course, you’ll be getting lifetime access to over 16 hours worth of content all relating to how we can all help our hypermobile clients to exercise safely, effectively and efficiently. 


Navigate through the course at your own speed, starting and finishing whenever you like and giving you full control over your learning experience.


Enjoy lifetime access to the course content, giving you the flexibility to revisit and reinforce your learning whenever you want.


Learn effortlessly with our mix of downloadable PDFs, user-friendly video lectures, and straightforward instructions.

Embark on a journey into the intricacies of hypermobility-related conditions as this hypermobility course lays the essential framework for your comprehensive understanding. Key topics covered include the physiology of heritable disorders, diagnostic criteria employed by medical professionals, and an exploration of comorbidities associated with HSD and hEDS, enriching your knowledge beyond the surface. Gain insights into pain and the nervous system’s role in HSD and EDS, understanding the pivotal connection in this context.

Delve into managing hypermobility and promoting well-being through a multifaceted approach. Uncover the significance of breathing techniques, explore the intricacies of the somatosensory system, and learn why a hands-on approach is optimal for achieving the best outcomes in hypermobile bodies. Discover ways to enhance exercise effectiveness and provide valuable assistance to individuals with hypermobility, contributing to their overall well-being.

The Hypermobile Universe - The Most Comprehensive Hypermobility Course
The Hypermobile Universe - The Most Comprehensive Hypermobility Course

Integrate theory with practical application as we guide you through starting from scratch with hypermobile clients. Acquire the knowledge needed to initiate and progress safely, receive comprehensive education on the safe and effective application of exercise, and explore the stretching dilemma for hypermobile individuals. Gain insights into specialised stabilisation techniques, essential for managing subluxations and dislocations, and unlock specific techniques to enhance functional movement, improving the quality of life for hypermobile clients.

Upon successfully completing this comprehensive hypermobility course, you’ll emerge as a confident, well-informed professional equipped with the latest evidence-based practices. Drawing from recent research findings and 20 years of practical clinical experience, including living with hEDS, you’ll confidently create customised, safe, and highly effective programs tailored to the unique needs of clients with symptomatic hypermobility.