Hypermobility: What You Need To Know



You might have heard the terms, ‘double-jointed’ or just ‘really, really flexible’ and a lot of people wouldn’t necessarily see that as a bad thing – They make fantastic gymnasts and beautiful ballerinas, right? Lucky them…or perhaps not.


So, what is hypermobility? Being ultra-flexible…? What if it’s more than that? What’re the consequences of what some people might class as too much of a good thing? The answers are finally here!

On our new Hypermobility module, Bonnie Southgate hosts what will be an eye-opening course into the definition of hypermobility, what it is, the many different characteristics and types of connective tissue, what makes people hypermobile – As well as the causes, implications, and most importantly how to recognise it!





Hypermobility is not a straight forward syndrome – There are many conditions which collectively makes up a syndrome, and it’s not all about ‘strengthening the core’

Bonnie Southgate hosts what will be an eye-opening course into the difference hypermobility versus hypermobility syndrome, how to recognise it, and screen for it. As well as looking at the causes and most importantly how to deal with it.

The cost of this 1-day unit is £150 – Lifetime access to the student portal is included within this cost which means you can also watch previous recordings and always be able to access the latest PDF manuals from the Hypermobility unit.

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