Bonnie Southgate

Bonnie Southgate is a highly experienced Pilates teacher and Sports Therapist currently pursuing an MSc in Dance Science. Drawing from her 20 years of practical experience, she dedicates herself to assisting individuals with hypermobility, helping them effectively manage their condition and lead active, fulfilling lives. As an MSK adviser to the charity SEDSConnective, Bonnie deeply engages with the hypermobility community.

Beyond her practical work, Bonnie makes extensive contributions. She features in podcasts by Bendy Bodies and the Sports Therapy Association and has an upcoming podcast scheduled for release at the end of September with WIST (Women in Sports Therapy). Additionally, she delivers talks for EDS UK and authors courses for Jenny Burrel, enhancing her impressive portfolio.

Bendy Bodies Podcast

Bendy Bodies Podcast - Pioneering a Path with Bonnie Moore Southgate


Sports Therapy Association Podcast

Sports Therapy Association Podcast - 'Understanding Hypermobility' with Bonnie Southgate


Women in Sports Therapy Podcast

Women in Sports Therapy Podcast with Bonnie Southgate

Bonnie Southgate is also on the verge of releasing a book focusing on hypermobility management, establishing her as a key figure in disseminating knowledge about this condition.

Book Mockup of The Hypermobile Universe - A Comprehensive Guide to Symptomatic Hypermobility for Therapists, Exercise Specialists and those with Symptomatic Hypermobility - by Bonnie Southgate

In her current academic pursuits, Bonnie Southgate researches the impact of hypermobility on muscle function and exercise. Her focus centers on comprehending how hypermobility affects crucial aspects of muscle activity, such as strength, power, endurance, and coordination. She also modifies various exercise modalities to tailor them specifically for individuals with hypermobility, potentially revolutionizing the field with more effective and targeted exercise programs.

Ultimately, Bonnie’s work aims to empower individuals with hypermobility to enhance their muscle function, minimize injury risks, and enjoy more active, fulfilling lives. For practical exercises and guidance, explore Bonnie Southgate’s YouTube channel, hEDSrehab.